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DC isolator what are the main types of

Yueqing Feeo Electric Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

1, isolators

Industrial production to increase meter load capacity and to ensure that the connection between the instrument of the same signal do not interfere, improve electrical safety. Required input voltage, current or frequency, resistance, signal acquisition, amplification, operations, and conducting anti-interference treatment, current and voltage signal output isolation and secure to the secondary instrument or plc\dcs.

2, electric

Industrial scene generally requires the use of two-wire transmission, both transmitters and other instruments provide a 24V power supply, while the input current signal acquisition, amplification, operations, and after the anti-interference treatment, current and voltage signal output isolation, for the back of the secondary instrument or any other instrument.

3, security gate

Some special of industrial site (as gas company and chemical plant) not only need two line business transmission, both provides distribution power and has signal isolation function, while also need has security sparks explosion-proof of performance, reliable to curb power power, and prevent power, and signal and the to Zhijian of ignition, limited flow, and buck double limit signal and the power loop, put into dangerous places of energy limit in security fixed range within.